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MOMPS - Mobile Mini Mixer Grouting Station

Our innovative new products ...


  • MOMPS - Mobile-Mini-Mixer-Grouting-Station and
  • MOMPS-SP-F  -  with screw pump and speed control
  • MOMPS-HA  -  semi automatic


... are suitable for grouting applications including e.g. anchors, micro piles and soil nails. The compact design allows the unit to be transported on a small trailer or pick-up and is particulary suitable for job sites with restricted space.


The mixing plant has been designed to produce a cement-water suspension as well as being able to handle liquid or solid additives. Water batching is controlled by a digital induction flow meter and cement batching by bags. Delivery from the mixing tank to agitator is controlled via manually operated valves. The impeller is a colloidal type, having no further valves.

More technical information and pictures as follows:


The injection pump is a two plunger design with automatic valves and potentiometer for separate adjustment of pressure and flow. The control panels are placed next to the batching display for ease of use. As standard, the injection performance can be controlled by a stroke counter and preset display.

Further information about MOMPS ... (pdf)



As standard, the injection performance can be controlled sidewards at the control cabinets with push buttons (+ / -) with a varibale delivery volume from 17 to 70 l.

Further information about MOMPS SP-F (pdf)



The unit is provided with weighing device and allows semi-automatic loading via screw pump from the silo.