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The manipulator consists primarily of two retaining plates that can be swiveled at 90° from one another. One plate is fastened to one excavator arm using a bolt or quick release. Two vise-grip wrenches are attached to the second plate. One has a fixed and the other a moveable clamping jaw.


  • The cylinders of both of these clamping jaws and the pivoting cylinder are controlled from the operator‘s cab of the excavator. The remaining kinematics to position the rods is used from the excavator.
  • Two switching valves triggered by two electrical switches are needed for mounting on the support frame.
  • To simplify installation, we have developed our IMB-QMS-3CVS/4CVS. With this system you can easily and quickly install our manipulators (2-axis and 3-axis) on your device.

Technical details, images and information - COMING SOON - to the following devices:


  • Manipulator IMB-GMA-180-MPVA-P2A with/without IMB-GMA-3CVS
  • Manipulator IMB-GMA-250-MPVA-P2A with/without IMB-GMA-3CVS
  • Manipulator IMB-GMA-180-MPVA-P3A with/without IMB-GMA-4CVS
  • Manipulator IMB-GMA-250-MPVA-P3A with/without IMB-GMA-4CVS