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Injection Plants

Technical details, images and information as follows:


Our injection plant HPI6 is suitable for mixing and injection of various types of slurries. The mixing materials are delivered by suction pipe and a duplex plunger type pump is fitted for the pressure grouting.

Application types: Soil improvement, vertical shoring, elevation grouting, remediation, sealing, contact grouting

The injection plant can be supplied with the following options:

  • External hydraulic power pack with PC control
  • Onboard hydraulic power pack including inductive flow-meter, pressure sensor and digital recording device
  • Mini injection unit together with our MM 300


Technical Information IMB_HPI6 (pdf)

The mixing plant MM 300 has been adapted to produce a cement-water suspension as well as for mixing up to 3 liquids and 2 components. The cement components are load by bags or screw conveyor.

The compact design allows to use the unit both as single and container unit.


Technical Information IMB_MM300 (pdf)

Technical Information IMB_ICK (pdf)

Due to the individual components design the injection unit ICK is particulay reliable for cusomized applications and is able to fulfil all te requirements for:

soil improvement, vertical shoring, elevation grouting, reconstruction, sealing, contact grouting, anchor grouting, flushing pump

The container is used as support assembly and can be adapted with diverse types of pumps. The container is equipped with connections for the mixing plant MM 300 and with additional power connnections and canbus systems for up to 8 injection units.

Furthermore, we have the following injection facilities:


Technical Information IMB_IMP 100 (pdf)

Technical Information IC90 (pdf)

Technical Information IM90 (pdf)